jayMy name is G. “Jay” Bromwell. I was born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and raised on a farm not far from there in Northern Virginia. During my childhood I was surrounded by many blacksmiths who resided in the area and I became facinated with their craft. At the same time I was being influenced by both my mother and older brother both of whom are accomplished visual artists. Despite the fact that my art medium is different from theirs I still feel and see their influences in my work.


In 1976 my father helped me obtain my first coal forge and anvil and it was then that I began to pursue my adventure with wrought iron. While visiting a variety of cities and museums in both the U.S. and Europe I had the opportunity to speak with artists, welders and farmers regarding both their artistic and functional techniques. Supplementing this information with reading and practicing a wide variety of methods I have come to perfect my craft to where it is today.


I welcome you to Bromwell’s Forge!


– G. Jay Bromwell