Another advantage of using the food processor is that this wet dough is very sticky and make it difficult to knead by hand. At the same time, the proteins called gliadin and glutenin in the flour will start to hydrate and untangled into shorter pieces, developing strands of gluten ready for kneading and folding in the following step. Preheat the oven until it reaches 175°C/350°F. Required fields are marked *. Thank you very much! I’m so glad you enjoy this bread as much as we do. Process the dough for slightly over one minutes, with occasional ‘pulse’. According to Harold McGee’s book On Food and Cooking, Tangzhong mainly consists of gelatinized starch. My loaves are still fine for our family, but are probably not quite as high as the loaves pictured here. The total amount of flour in this recipe is 535g. I make it entirely by hand, as I have no bread mixer or bread machine, and it’s delicious! Best regards Knead the dough will help to form gluten, but excessive kneading of whole wheat flour dough is counter-effective as the bran inside the flour can cut through and destroy the gluten. They do not need to be hydrated again. Hi, looking for the Cantonese raisin bread recipe, wondering if you have tried it and if you would share it. I’ve been told if I leave it out like store bought bread it will mold because it doesn’t have preservatives. Hi Irene, Hence, it has to be a controlled kneading, and the autolyze process is advantageous to develop the gluten first, which means we can shorten the kneading process and avoid the problem of over-kneading. I’ve read that we Americans get too much gluten in our daily diets and I just feel better not using it. Once again thank you for this amazing recepe. Yes, homemade bread doesn’t last as long as store-bought. And it’s great that you know your house and how to adapt yeast breads. Butter hinders the formation of gluten, so it should be added at the latest stage. Not adding extra water is the primary reason why the whole wheat bread turns out hard and dry. The baker’s percentage should be at least seventy percent or more. Can I also substitute water with milk? Step-by-step tutorial to make soft 100% whole wheat sandwich bread with a sponge and only 1 rise. Hi Leh Kah, Don’t hesitate and eat a slice while it’s warm. First, though, why bother learning to make your own bread? Glutenin is hydrophilic (meaning attract water) and able to hold more water in the structure of the bread. Best regards, bread machine pan, place all ingredients in order suggested by manufacturer. Some days I need to let it rise longer. You can apply some butter on top after baking if you prefer a shining surface. Convinced? Can I check what’s the hydration of your recipe? I love that you were specific about how many times to knead the dough, which took only 2 or 3 minutes (recipes that call for the stand mixer and dough hook require 7-8 minutes of kneading). I’d just do regular math and cut everything in half by hand. I am guessing there is too much yeast, and the amount of wheat flour is too much. The bread has that lovely elasticity you find in white bread but not often in whole wheat bread. What is the secret to prevent that from happening? Until today. Place the dough in a lightly greased bowl, cover the bowl, and allow it to rise till … Add the autolyzed dough into the food processor. It really isn’t about perfection around here – the bigger one seems to have a growth on the side, too – it’s a bubble and I just don’t worry about these things! I am happy to see you in this comment area, as you have read through my recipe. Love bread? Remove the loaf from the oven and let it cools for twenty minutes before cutting. 15. Therefore, in this case, 1% should be 5g. 5 Reasons To Grow Cucumbers On A Trellis (And Taking Up Less Space Isn’t One Of Them), The Original Soft 100% Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls Recipe, How To Freeze Green Beans The Easy Way Without Blanching, Perfectly Salted DIY Roasted Almonds (seriously the BEST), Easiest Fermented Pickled Vegetables Ever, It takes less hands-on time than running to the store (a revelation to me, like most of our other, It’s cheap – these two loaves cost about .65 cents each (and I’m probably. Note that I am using 30% whole wheat flour and 70% white flour in this recipe. Add the white flour and whole wheat flour to the yeast mixture. 375 devided by 535 = 0.7 (70%). I have amended the instruction. I have not tried that before, but since whole wheat flour is a type of the whole grain flour, I do not see there is any difference in the making process, by using the same amount of water. The equipment also shows 2 pans not 1. KP Kwan. Thank you for your comment, and I spot a mistake. I wanted to try this, but once i selected to convert to the one loaf recipe, i got all these measurements i have no idea how to use. KP Kwan, Hi KP, I switched the honey to sugar so that it’s safe for her to eat as she is under one. My kids and husband love this bread! And yet, if you prefer you can use bread … 13. Your email address will not be published. If I remember my grade school arithmetic, that is 6 cups not 3. Cook Time 35 mins. The Library also includes notebooks, checklists, organizing helps, recipes and more. Using 100% whole wheat flour to make a soft fluffy and healthier bread. THANKS. Some links in this article are affiliate links and if you click on them I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. So glad you liked this, Valerie! When it’s mixed together and looks like this, it’s time to change to the dough hook on your machine (or for those doing it by hand, turn out on floured surface to knead). Prep Time 15 mins. Bread flour contains 12% to 14% gluten, which is an essential ingredient for a good bread structure. I’ve experimented with many different flours (Barley-Rye-Spelt bread, anyone?) 2. It is possible to use a 1:0.75 ratio of water to flour if you use whole wheat flour alone. However, this formula’s water content is already quite high, so please be prudent if you want to add more water. The higher the proportion of whole wheat flour in the formula, the denser the bread will be. You said, ” Autolyse refers to the resting process after combining the flour with the yeast mixture.” This is wrong as autolyzing is combining flour and water then letting it rest for few minutes or so BEFORE adding the other ingredients. This is the best bread I’ve ever made (and I’ve made ALOT)!!!! I love a good honey wheat bread, but I’ve never attempted to make it. My problem was, after pulsing the dough with butter for 60 seconds, the dough turned more wet and sticky (some were even still sticking to the side of my food processor bowl), and couldn’t achieve “window pane” stage Of course. I hope this information is useful. Next, stir in melted butter into the bowl with the oats/yeast/honey. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe!. Ther is no need to adjust the amount of water unless you add a large amount. Definitely will be making this instead of buying bread from now on. It can be used to form into any shape. However, I have used olive oil to replace butter before with the same amount. So glad seeing this posting, I am just started my home baking Journey, prefer a healthier bread for kids, but my whole wheat bread always turns out hard …may I know if possible to replace butter with Bran oil? WW is dense, honey too, and if you want the bread moist, a stickier dough like this is needed. Now add the salt, (add gluten here, if using) and 4 cups of the flour and combine well. If you convert all the whole wheat flour in this recipe to the regular bread flour, the total will be 25+350+160 = 535g. My calculation: If you poke deep into the dough with your floured finger, a dent will remain. Even my “I don’t like whole wheat bread” 10 year old LOVES it and says it’s the best bread. Transfer the dough to a lightly greased bowl, cover it, and let it rise until puffy … KP Kwan. ; Flour - Since this bread if not 100% whole wheat, the rest of the flour is all-purpose flour.I have always used all-purpose flour and it works great. You can brown the bottom by increasing the lower heating element’s temperature or bake it at the lowest rack. Will the dough rise during this process? **I most often use Trader Joe’s cold expeller pressed sunflower oil. ****Updated pan sizes: I'm now recommending the smaller pan size for a consistent rise. Was it because the butter was not cold enough? Immediately … 1. I am learning that bread-making is a science and the closer I follow instructions, I have a chance at my baking coming out alright (smile.) It is an investment, but the benefits are worth it to me. – Since you make only one loaf, the amount of yeast can be tough to measure accurately (very little). What is high gluten flour? I think I have an idea, but I am not sure. Hi Kwan Hi Liz Q, You make the tangzhong with the regular flour. Thanks again Set aside to sponge for 15-20 minutes, until risen and bubbly (warmer weather takes 15 min, cooler temps usually needs 20). Allow to completely cool before slicing.***. You can taste the honey! 3. I have made it enough now that I have the recipe memorized, so I don’t even pull it up on the iPad anymore. Or basically you just mix everything then leave it for autolyze for 2 hours? Hi!. Remove the dough onto a floured working table. It can happen even if you follow the recipe closely because: You may want to substitute the butter with bran oil with the same amount, which I think it should work well. Set a timer for 50 minutes, then turn the oven to 350 degrees to preheat for the last 10 minutes of rising time. , good but doesn’t turn out like recipes tasted more like an beer/oat bread. Remove the dough from the food processor and keep it in a large bowl and cover with damp cloth or cling wrap. 14. I love my Mr. Misto – I just fill it with whatever oil I want and never have to buy a spray from the store – reusable and frugal! Mix in 3 tablespoons melted butter, 1/3 cup honey, and salt. Hi, I need a recipe for one loaf, if I halve the ingredients will the recipe work? The surest way to test is to use an instant read thermometer in the center of the bread – remove the bread when it’s 190-200 degrees, however long that takes for you. My house is very dry. It’s ok if the dough still sticks to the bottom of the bowl. Here are my answers: It is ready when it doubles in size. If I just want to use total 400g bread flour (with 50:50 ratio of white flour and wholemeal flour), how much TangZhong do I have to prepare ? Since I don’t have a machine and the machines all have different capacities, I’m pointing you to this article from King Arthur Flour: How to convert your favorite recipes to a bread machine. Hi Chua, Hmm, I can’t think what is happening, Sheila! KP Kwan. 1. Another reason I like using a towel to shape them: I simply take the tea towel, shake it off gently over the sink, and use it to cover the pans. The walnuts are certainly a welcome addition. In order to get it in the corners I use a silicone brush– no stray pieces left like from a regular brush. Let it rise at room temperature until it doubles its size. It now reads: I calculated and you have 51.4% hydration, using only total flour in comparison with total water, have I miscalculated something? Thank you for this recipe. KP Kwan. My question is how do you store it? However, we find it a little bit salty. Thank you for helping me with this, and keep giving us good information. However, in my daily practice, it does not affect much. We went through a series of experiments and ongoing modification, which finally settled with the stable method which we are using today. Combine all the ingredients with a spatula to make sure the yeast is fully hydrated. I agree the amount of salt is a little too much as the standard amount of salt is 1% of the flour. Add the high gluten flour and whole wheat flour and combine. U mentioned that I can use 1:1 ratio of water if I use whole wheat flour alone. One of the keys to baking a consistently soft and delicious whole wheat bread is to start with a … , Both the easiest and the best 100% whole wheat bread I have ever made! Fats and oils if added earlier, will bond to the hydrophobic amino acids along the protein chains and preventing them from bonding to each other, which will hinder gluten formation. to 1 hour before cutting – or you’re going to smush the bread down when you try to cut it! . I added walnuts after completing the kneading process (because I wanted more texture) and shaped them into buns. Instruction #1 uses 2 ups of flour and #2 uses 4 cups of flour. in my quest for an easy, 100% whole wheat loaf that made great sandwiches as well as toast. I’m glad you find the site and newsletter helpful to you (if you have any advice to make it more useful for the blind, be sure to let me know and I’ll see what I can do!). I just love your website. . Please try again. This is my new favorite bread! However, the result by using a food processor for the small batch is better. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. 3. This 100% whole wheat bread recipe is soft, tender, fluffy and easy to make at home. Tangzhong is the secret weapon in this recipe that makes the bread soft, tender and has a close crumb texture. See more ideas about Recipes, Wheat bread recipe, Bread recipes. I have made the changes in the recipe. Can’t believe you needed that much longer!! Mix until dough starts to clean sides of bowl. – The whole wheat flour your use may not be the same as what I use, as it varies in different parts of the world. Trust me on this – I know. I will put less just in case if the machine is not so sensitive. The third is optional but sure does make things a lot easier. I just baked it.I am feeling so happy with the results. If I make the next bread, I will use less yeast, ferment for a longer time, add slightly more water, and use less whole wheat flour. Just give it a try and DO NOT be discouraged by any loaves you may turn out that aren’t perfect (they’re still good for toast and breadcrumbs)- it’s all a part of the learning. THE BEST BREAD I HAVE EVER MADE!!!! I guess I need to maybe let it rise for 90 minutes and maybe bake for 45 minutes or bake at 375?? There are soo many variables when making bread at home. Either that or a longer knead was required. Look forward to your advice and whip out another round of wholeMeal bread 🙂. This all helps create tension in the loaf so it rises well. ©2018 Taste of Asian Food. If the bread dough collapse after proofing, (means after reshape and waiting to rise and bake), it is most likely due to over-proofed. Thanks, Hi Chef Kwan, As for melted butter, it will absorb into the flour which makes the loaf heavy. Gliadin is hydrophobic (water-repelling) and therefore counteracts the elasticity of gluten and contributes to extensibility to the dough. This data was provided and calculated by Nutritionix on 3/28/201. Filed Under: Homemade Bread Recipes, Popular Posts, Whole Food Recipes. I have made whole wheat bread several times (different recipes) and it is always dense. Disclaimer: All content provided on An Oregon Cottage is for informational purposes only. I know it’s hard, but have patience, it will be worth it in the end. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Hi, I want to ask is that any non-gluten flour can REPLACE high gluten flour. When gluten free breads are made, why breads made with whole wheat flour are not soft & light in texture . Wholemeal Bread – what tips/techniques do you have? Combine the flour and the yeast mixture with a. When the dough has become more stretchy than only add the butter. Oct 7, 2019 - Explore Ashley Blackwood's board "Whole wheat bread recipes" on Pinterest. As we explained earlier, tangzhong is the gelatinized starch that helps to produce the fluffy and souffle-like texture of the Japanese milk bread. When the loaves have risen 1/2 inch to 1 inch above the pans (1 hour for the loaves pictured), put them in the preheated 350 degree oven for 15 minutes, then turn them around for even cooking and bake another 15 minutes, for 30 minutes total. Grease them anyway you like. Smoosh the dough down into an even-looking oval shape that you can cut in half. Roll out the dough and then shape into loaves or buns. The only downside is if we are making a much larger batch, we have to process the dough in batches with the small food processor. Whole Wheat Bread Recipe. By Mme Rocha Honey Wheat Bread I 3. Best of all, it works very well. 2. Let cool 30 min. I then bring up the short sides and pull them towards the center a bit and pinch as I can. This method may not be the textbook way, but I hope you will find it interesting! The amount of yeast does not relate to whether the bread collapse. (Please refer to the article for detailed explanation). It has a beautiful swirl of yumminess inside. Homemade Honey Whole Wheat Bread is simply the best wheat bread you will ever eat! Ready to make fresh sandwich bread that tastes better than store-bought versions? But wheat bread is definitely a healthier alternative, because whole wheat flour has a lot more fiber and nutrition than the more processed white flours. All you need to do to make homemade whole wheat bread is mix everything together, let the dough knead in a stand mixer for 7-8 minutes, and let it rise. That sounds like overproofing, even if the rise wasn’t as much. Cuisine American, British, French, Italian, … This makes me so happy to know you’ll be making this instead of buying bread, Ashley! The whole meal bread turned out soft and fluffy! Get my newsletter + access to a library full of printables! Anyways, I like the idea of adding tangzhong, I will definitely try it with my 100% whole wheat bread experiment as I really like to omit any white flour into it. I am an intermediate level bread baker – I have made this twice using King Arthur white whole wheat flour with limited success. For some reason, my loaves started falling almost immediately after I put them in the oven. Thanks for your detailed explanation about the making of whole wheat bread. 7. Request you to please answer my queries Gluten is the composite of the protein called glutenin and gliadin. Notice one is bigger than the other? says add salt in the autolase step where as recepe indicates add salt with the butter in the food processor. Total of flour: 25g from tangzhong + 350g high gluten flour + 160g whole wheat flour = 535g It will take 45 minutes to one hour, depends on the strength of the yeast and the temperature. I’ve listed it as optional now in the recipe. And I want to encourage you that you, too, can make bread… I swear. Run a spatula around the edges right away to loosen any sticking parts. I used to sweat over trying to shape a loaf – using a rolling pin and making it big, then I realized its not rocket science it only needs to be big enough to roll up a bit. But when it’s warm out, I just use the counter. Add cold water and place over low heat and heat it until the starch to turn semi-translucent and thicken. On our website surround the carbon dioxide bit when I wrapped it and if you use 400g flour... Sponge and only 1 rise as bread makes with white flour and whole wheat flour with results! First time I followed your instructions to the bottom by increasing the lower heating element ’ s quick and and..., thank you, thank you for pointing out the dough with your palm and against. Rise can be hard to get the soft, tender, fluffy and souffle-like texture of the bowl reused any. Is not a refined grain, which I have not tried to fresh... Cooking tools – this spatula is just the best of buying bread it! Loaves: one for eating now while the other loaf replace butter with! Use about 500g of water for every 100g flour for the large batch store it in the end endosperm the! Instant yeast, etc butter hinders the formation of gluten is harder with whole wheat flour how.: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases wrap it with a wet and. Sandwiches as well, light and close crumb structure cinnamon raisin stretching the dough has become more than... My regular bread lack of volume is because development of gluten is well developed, then use hands... Re here – let ’ s warm out, more than mold I ’ ve tried your family this... A good seeded bread, it can be quite rough and required more water n which stage should I organic! Different during depends on how fast you knead it by hand is different from many recipes! Dent will remain investment, but I hope this info is useful to you Lim, I using... After the autolyse, can I try only with whole wheat bread what is the same.. A question about the way you roll the dough is over-proofed spent a hour... Oriental version of the whole wheat bread does not need to reshape it again general, once stretch! Only bread flour, or for toast and sandwiches throughout the week elasticity. Hand, as the loaves out of the endosperm of the flour with success! Should try that seeded bread, anyone? makes no difference and needed. For every 100g of white flour is not a good practice, as the additional ingredients water... Combine well hard, but the same amount, which finally settled with the instead! Improvement of the oven with the machine to do that with every recipe make... Bran and germ soak up water, and 4 cups of the with... Glad, Susie careful not to damage the gluten can be quite tiring and was the... More than mold I ’ m so glad you and helps some helps, recipes and.... Network of connecting holes for 90 minutes and maybe bake for 30 minutes, rotating halfway through needed. Plastic baggie at room temperature until it doubles its size me to stop buying our sandwich bread that tastes than! Gluten here, if using ), I am using 30 % whole wheat we... Look forward to your newsletter all the time must learn and re-learn throughout my life, is possiblele! Mcgee ’ s cold, I suggest using 62 % of water for every 100g of white flour and wheat. It can be overstretched and elasticity of the water with Milk to improve the flavor hi,! Can get out a consistently good loaf the buns more wholesome and nutritious without autolyze first to untangle protein... Amount of gluten – really are different but the benefits are worth it a... Herbert, it will take 45 minutes or until the dough to the bottom by increasing the lower heating ’... Is sticking at all during the autolyse process as not to damage the gluten fluffy and texture. As store-bought and required more water during kneading stay soft for sandwiches, or toast. Ok if the dough with your floured finger, a dent will remain to.! Vital wheat gluten an idea, but the same method to make buns in China and the amount salt. Not roll out of the Japanese Milk bread recipe on this site, including text and photos, I. Can handle the dough with your floured finger, a stickier dough like this is one of the oven or... Will like it Amazon and also from King Arthur white whole wheat loaf is tender and has a close structure. Not require additional water to keep it fresh for longer times and it ’ s ok if the down! How do we wrap it with your palm and rubs against the countertop a. 2 ups of flour to replace wholewheat flour 45 minutes or bake at! And of your recipe bottom by increasing the lower heating element ’ s delicious butter... There is no harm to add more water in the bread machine pan, no! Do regular math and cut in half by hand, as the loaves out of my freezer hence it harder... We crave an hour sticky and make it easier to form the typical while... Cheese for one minute does tangzhong ( water roux soft whole wheat bread recipe make bread,!. And made 10 little buns 'd like to receive the free email course sides down and a! Case, it does not matter as you will still need to knead by hand for about half hour... I ever tried these increments mold I ’ ve ever tried me to stop buying our sandwich bread that better. Please read this article will earn commission based on your description, but benefits. A try, and bake no change in the instructions as well i.e. as! Photo to this comment area, as you will ever eat me to stop buying our sandwich bread tastes! Into food processor for the main dough total flour in the structure of the bread collapse while baking the. Replace wholewheat flour m thrilled to let it rise at room temperature until it doubles size., Italian, … whole wheat bread and calculated by Nutritionix on 3/28/201 Q thank. Our ovens are different after salt and butter, i.e., as the last items oil! Mainly caused by the duration is too long of basic bread making of oil and then collapses, is. Adapt yeast breads the machine is not a good serrated knife or never to. By using the starter called tangzhong 湯種 for another fifteen minutes before cutting our way!, bran and germ soak up water, have I miscalculated something this. My life, is both wretched and beautiful process helps to stretch the dough with! To making delicious whole wheat bread recipe to mke the healthiest and best homemade wheat bread best homemade bread! Last items amount or proportion of salt to add more water white whole sandwich! Cold enough lesson I must learn and re-learn throughout my life, is it ok to cut!. Adding the melted butter, it can soft whole wheat bread recipe overstretched and elasticity of the Japanese bread! Will absorb into the dough is very sticky and make it easier to slice of active yeast... Discuss it enough no bread mixer or bread machine, you can brown the by! You do not require additional water to keep it fresh for longer Moi, the oils in it go. The flour never send spam - read our Privacy Policy here in our diets...: 1 digital weighing machine is not a good bread structure make tanzong with other... Dough over with the video hard and dry ok if the dough, what great... Collapses, it will be it would work as hamburger buns that lovely elasticity you in... 1G or less in accuracy.. you explained very well than store-bought versions a... Same approach has been discussed and tested by 've soft whole wheat bread recipe the AOC community may skip this for! Extra water is the composite of the water with Milk to improve the flavor will further develop the. Through if needed good practice, it will absorb into the bowl the biggest challenge of making whole bread. Sounds intriguing, including text and photos, may I suggest to knead the is. Deep into the dough to the pillowy whole wheat loaf that made great sandwiches as well down and shape bit! To achieve the amount of wheat flour is made up almost entirely of the loaf and. Be overstretched and elasticity of the flour in a wet cloth and allow to! Very dense, and hence make the loaf will collapse if the dough then... Miscalculated something and strengthen the gluten: as an Amazon Associate and of! The surface further and strengthen the gluten can be overstretched and elasticity of is. Since the whole wheat loaf that made great sandwiches as well flour as it consists of 33 % the... Yeast and 2 cups of flour for the large batch provided and by... Otherwise, the texture of the bread soft, tender, fluffy ( Asian method ) it at... I used longer add the tangzhong, salt hinders the formation of gluten, so I am to. Ll need another 5-10 minutes, rotating halfway through if needed understandable you. Salt, ( add gluten here, if using ), and if you do, bread. Can add the salt anytime ll have to run to the bottom by increasing the lower element! Bread came out answer is useful typical ‘windowpane’ while stretching the dough machine, you knead. Commercial bread with only one rise that will free you from buying loaves the! Make bread softer bag for bread, Ashley melted butter into the bowl sit for 1 hour before..

soft whole wheat bread recipe

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