cb Expect to pay between €650-1,100 a month … ); No agency fees! Pet friendly rentals, Germany } Internet access rentals, Germany var localisationServiceUrl = 'https://hl-localisation-production.services.thehomelike.com/public/'; If you fail to find a place that fulfills your needs through our online platform, feel free to reach out to the Homelike Customer Support Team. 2 room rooftop terrace apartment, in the center of Schwabing 80797 Möbliert: 2 room rooftop terrace apartment, in the center of Schwabing ca. input: term, }); Furnished Apartments in Munich for Families, Furnished Apartments in Munich for Business Travelers, Furnished Apartments in Munich for Pet Owners, Furnished Apartments in Munich for Expats. This is also the reason why Munich is ranked 8th in the global ranking of the Global 500 companies. You can find affordable furnished apartments in Munich through the Homelike website for both short and long-term use. The BEST DEALS on 10,000+ Vacation, Business and Long Stay Munich Rentals. } }); GERMANY ... Apartments in Munich. See all available apartments for rent at Unfurnished Long Term Rental in The Villages, FL. }); source: function (request, response) { Easily rent and rent out accommodation in Munich online! Whatever you’re coming to Munich for, you’re going to need a place to stay. getPlacePredictions( redirectToSearch(ui.item.value); View rental details about the Apt in Munich, Bavaria (Munich). MONTHLY RENTALS, Popular property to let searches 12:14:55 AM, Copyright © Holprop LTD. All Rights Reserved. As the second highest economic power in the Federal Republic, Munich is a magnet for large, globally operating companies. jQuery.get( Only properties with coordinates are shown. Munich is a desirable place to live and demand for accommodation is greater than the supply. FEATURED Monthly '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= localisationServiceUrl + 'geocoder?to=coordinates&address=' + encodeURIComponent(term), function(predictions, status) { This generous and exclusive apartment follows the course of the sun; it is east, south and west facing. It’s easy to find great apartments in Munich online. Having said that, it is certainly not impossible to find somewhere and it's still much easier than London. } }, 300); Our apartments come with Utilities and WiFi (view our Homelike Apartment Standards). rentals, Germany response(data); function(cordinateResponse) { } Average rental costs for unfurnished rentals in Munich are currently €17.56 per square meter, more expensive than other areas of Germany but cheaper than some parts of northern Europe. Strongly represented sectors include the automotive, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering industries. Furnished apartments are a convenient option for both short and long term rentals, although leases usually tend to be on the shorter side. Furnished apartments for rent in Munich - also known as hotel apartments in Munich - are private homes with amenities over-and-above those available at hotels. apartment for rent is 3113 per month in 1 Bedroom, 1 bath Apt. Simply fill in the required information and search for your Munich apartment. Find apartments, rooms and houses for rent in Munich on IamExpat Housing, the expat friendly platform for expats in Germany. j=d.createElement(s),dl=l!='dataLayer'? if (predictions && predictions.length) { The average rent for a small one-bedroom, unfurnished apartment is between €500 and €700. The Benefits of Furnished Apartments in Munich. function(response) { Furnished apartments, flats and houses in Munich. }, jQuery.get( Can I find long term furnished rentals in Munich? The grey slate floor is pleasantly heated by an underfloor heating. Looking for accommodation in Nuremberg? Apartments in Munich, Germany - Munich Apartments - Long Stay Apartments in Munich, Germany FOR RENT. Sometimes you can find your dream property within the city (for example in Bogenhausen, Trudering or Pasing) or in the outskirts (as in Allach, Aubing or Gräfelfing) with S-Bahn connection. RENT OUT YOUR ROOM, APARTMENT OR HOUSE! } Find apartments, rooms and houses for rent in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and all over the Germany. A Munich studio, with its additional privacy and facilities, costs an average of €1031 (including utilities). e.preventDefault(); var autocompleteService = new google.maps.places.AutocompleteService(); select: function(event, ui) { for (var idx=0;idx