It permits a user access to a Virtual Machine (VM) running Windows Client. Windows VDA is licensed per access device. option to license Windows VDA per user. There is currently no option to license Windows VDA per user. A Per-Device or Per-User subscription that licenses access to Windows Client OSs running within server-hosted virtual desktops and in many cases also allows local use of Windows Enterprise on client devices. Microsoft also recently announced Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure, which is currently available in public preview. OR Can I pay for Windows VDA per user? It is related to Windows Client licensing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies. What is VDA? Access license - The minimum is VDA per user if you are accessing a Windows Client (7, 10) or RDS CAL per user if you are accessing a Windows Server (2012 R2+). See VDA for in-depth entry. It may be robust enough to access Windows instances over the network, but not have them installed locally. The VDA or the RDS call is a pure access license so it's not including Office 365 apps (if you need also office you can use M365 license that is including VDA). The Windows VDA per User license would allow the user to access the VDI desktops from any device Cloud-hosted virtual desktop The SMB company will need to pay Microsoft for 50 Windows A SMB company wants to subscribe to 50 virtual desktops from a third-party hoster This reflects the continued innovation being delivered in Windows 10 that improves the security, the connectivity, and the productivity scenarios. 1 - 5 VDA per device licenses, which will allow as many users as you like access to Windows desktop VMs from those 5 devices. Can assign VDA subscriptions to thick clients as well. 2 - 5 VDA per user licenses, which will allow 5 users access to desktop VMs from any device. Windows Thin PC. Windows VDA is a device-based subscription license. Windows Software Assurance per User and Windows VDA per User licenses grant the same rights, but from any device, anywhere. The new per-user SA and VDA plans are restricted to using Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 Pro or Enterprise Editions. Generally speaking, VDA is a right. It will allow organizations to create multiple desktops dynamically, enable user access to multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously, and move desktop VMs across multiple platforms, especially in load-balancing and disaster recovery situations. However, the extended roaming benefit allows the primary user of a Windows VDA device to access their VDI desktop from any non-corporate device outside of the corporate network, thereby providing tremendous flexibility. Windows Thin PC is a smaller footprint version of Windows that enables organizations to repurpose existing PCs as thin clients, thereby reducing the need for new thin client hardware. Offers a “per device” or “per user” license.

windows vda per user

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